Welcome to our new site!

We did it! We have changed our website!

Many of you have commented that you wish you could see more information about the NASCAR Racing Experience on our site, not just booking a reservation.  WE LISTENED! Today is the “soft launch” of our new website and we are excited to share it with all of our customers, fans, sponsors and partner tracks and speedways.  Over the next month, you will notice some significant changes in our website and we think they are for the better.  Some of those upcoming improvements are:

  • An online chat box for customers to ask questions in REAL-TIME from our customer service support center.
  • Improved layout, navigation and clean design.
  • News section with the latest news about NASCAR Racing Experience, our partner tracks, special events and more!
  • A new booking system (coming Spring 2015) and fewer clicks to help speed up your booking process.
  • A detailed, frequently updated track and speedway directory with fun facts about each track, address and location information, maps and more!

Over the next month or so, we hope that you notice the changes in the website and actually try them out. If you feel like we are doing something right, let us know! If you think something should be changed, let us know! We welcome feedback and comments at any time in the process and after.

Our mission is to be the leaders in the racing experience and entertainment industry and we feel with a new website and updated information – we will be able to succeed at our mission.